• Flagstaff plan built by Evergreen Homes

Everyone has a dream home. At Evergreen Homes, we make that dream a reality by building exactly the  custom home you want. By listening…carefully. By meeting your budget. By giving you more of what you want for every dollar you spend.

A custom home kitchen built by Evergreen Homes in Vancouver, WA

Building your custom dream home should be simple and fun – we take the guesswork out of the process and help you navigate the sea of choices to arrive at a custom home that you fall in love with every time you walk through your front door. Our attention to detail and personalized service keeps you engaged every step of the way.

We build for every size, taste and budget, making sure your home meets your needs both now and in the future. Our custom homes are all designed for energy efficiency, with quality interior finishes and low maintenance in mind, and deliver long term comfort and value. We’ll craft your dream home to be as beautiful as it is durable.

We are happy to explore the possibilities with you, especially in the beginning phases of your custom home-buying decision. Call Chris at (360) 624-3116 to set up an appointment today!