At Evergreen Homes, our goal is for you to breathe a deep sigh of satisfaction every time you walk into your home. This means finding the right balance of finish, form, and function that fits with your taste and lifestyle. Our professional designers help you select the colors, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, and more that make your house your home. And we make it fun and easy.

We organize the process in advance, discovering your style and preferences, reviewing design choices that appeal to you, and considering the furniture that you'll bring with you. Then we compile a variety of choices that complement your personal style and fit within your budget.

Every one of our customer’s homes is completely unique. We cater to the full range of different tastes and styles, and love to see our customers enjoy the process of turning their ideas into a space that's both beautiful as well as functional. We've got you covered!

“We appreciate how hard you worked to give us exactly the home we want! I felt overwhelmed at the thought of making all the decisions for our finishes and colors, but Tama’s involvement reassured me, as I trust her instincts and appreciate her honesty. We loved working with Tama and Shawn to complete the interior so beautifully and affordably. I feel good about all our choices! We are so grateful for our new home and that it was such a pleasure…and fun…working with all of you.” -Gwenda and John

We are happy to explore the possibilities with you, especially in the beginning phases of your home-buying decision. Call Chris at (360) 624-3116 to set up an appointment today!